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Outdoor Tile for Porches and Walkways

Most homes have a concrete front porch or stoop with concrete steps leading up to the front door. Often this porch is the first up-close visual guests have of your home.

Down to Earth outdoor porch tile turn this ho hum area into something that will enhance the look of your home and greatly improve curb appeal.

Durable Outdoor Tile for Your Porch or Walkway!

Down to Earth outdoor tile is designed to enhance any outdoor concrete slab and is perfect for an outdoor tile porch or walkway. Down to Earth tile is designed from the beginning to be used as an outdoor tile. Our tile is extruded and fired hard, much like paver bricks, it will stand up to the hottest summers and coldest winters and every freeze thaw in between. Our tile is ½” thick making for an extremely durable tile for porches and walkways.

Down to Earth Outdoor Tile Test Results

Down To Earth tile is also designed to be aesthetically pleasing. Down to Earth offers distinct sizes, natural earth tone colors and green squared certified products perfect for your outdoor porch or walkway!

Our outdoor tile is slip resisting

The concern with slip falls is magnified in an outdoor tile setting. Down to Earth is unglazed and textured with a dynamic coefficient of friction that meets or exceeds 0.65 wet at time of manufacture. This is considered a very good rating for a tile in regard to slip fall.

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